A Program Where Everyone Benefits


Student Participants

  • Annual financial aid of at least $5,000
  • Opportunity to pursue community service projects
  • ​Participation in a structured program of leadership, organization, and social discussion
  • Opportunity to tie community service to intended course of academic study

Colleges and Universities

  • Provides an attractive program for eligible students
  • Complements existing programs and utilizes social engagement organizational structures
  • Adds to the school's community outreach function
  • Requires minimal university funding

Individual Donors

  • Affordable for financially successful people
  • Provides satisfaction of helping motivated need-based students
  • ​Provides a legacy knowing that students will be helping other less fortunate people in the donor's name throughout the donor's life and beyond
  • Distributes an annual report to donors on the program and the activities of their students

Corporate Donors

  • In addition to individual donors, corporate donors are likely participants
  • For example, pharmaceutical companies may sponsor pre-med students, energy companies could sponsor engineering majors, educational foundations could assist future teachers
  • ​Every company and organization is a candidate for endowing scholarships